Download / Query
Data Store: Genetic and genomic data for all Arachis (peanut) data held at LIS, for browsing and download.
DSCensor: Overviews of data characteristics at LIS: genome assembly sizes, gene counts, BUSCO coverage, etc.
ArachisMine: InterMine interface to Arachis (peanut) species at LIS.
Gene Search Tool: Search ArachisMine for genes by keyword.
Trait Search Tool: Search ArachisMine for traits by keyword.
Sequence Search
BLAST: Run BLASTs against LIS genomes, CDSes, and proteins.
Funnotate: Annotate your sequences.
Visualize / Browse
ArachisPheno: Repository for population scale phenotype data for Arachis (peanut) species.
GCViT: Genetic variation viewer.
Gene Family Search: Functional keyword search for gene families.
Genome Context Viewer: Browser for dynamically discovering and viewing genomic synteny across selected species.
Germplasm: View GIS location information for Arachis (peanut) accessions.
Gigwa: Genetic variation viewer.
JBrowse: Genome browser.
ZZBrowse: Interactive visualization of multiple GWAS and QTL data sets, using synteny to identify potentially conserved association regions between species.
Gene Expression Resources: Gene expression resources at PeanutBase.
Legumebot: Experimental OpenAI chatbot.
Marker-Assisted Selection: A list of traits, compiled from literature, for which MAS has been used.
NIFA PCCGP Project: Peanut Core Collection Genotype Phenotype Project.
The Peanut Genome: High-quality genome assembly for peanut (Arachis hypogaea).
Browse A. duranensis: Genome assembly for Arachis duranensis.
Browse A. ipaensis: Genome assembly for Arachis ipaensis.