About PeanutBase

PeanutBase integrates genetic and genomic information across many Arachis species including cultivated peanut. Access this information by selecting a genus under TAXA, or a tool or method under TOOLS, or select DOWNLOAD(DataStore) via the Data Store. You can also explore most of the data via the rich toolsets at ArachisMine (also accessed throughout this website).

Taxa - Resources for legumes at various taxonomic levels (species, genera, and the family as a whole): data sets, genome browsers, pan-gene sets, synteny visualizations, sequence and keyword search, etc.

Tools - Pan-legume tools: sequence and keyword search, gene families and phylogenies, synteny visualization, etc. search, etc.

Download(DataStore) - Browse and download data sets from the LIS Data Store.

Cite PeanutBase and the peanut genomes

  • Cite PeanutBase
    Sudhansu Dash, Ethalinda K.S. Cannon, Scott R. Kalberer, Andrew D. Farmer and Steven B. Cannon. PeanutBase and Other Bioinformatic Resources for Peanut ( Chapter 8). In Peanuts Genetics, Process ing, and Utilization, edited by H. Thomas Stalker and Richard F. Wilson, AOCS Press, 2016, Pages 241-252. (ISBN 978163067 0382, doi:10.1016/B978-1-63067-038-2.00008-3).
  • Cite peanut genome
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Funding and Development

PaeanutBase is funded by The Peanut Research Foundation (TPRF) and in kind support from LIS at (NCGR and USDA-ARS). It is developed and hosted by the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) and the USDA-ARS Legume Clade Database group at Ames, IA.