(November 2023) BaileyII and Arachis pangenes in GCV.

BaileyII and pangenes integrated into PB-GCV

  • BaileyII integrated into GCV: The BaileyII gene models have now been integrated with our Genome Context Viewer (GCV) tool enabling comparison with other Arachis and legume genomes. This gives a comparative view of the immediate neighborhood of the queried gene in the micro-syntenic region with added phylogenetic(gene family) information. Clicke here for a link to an example view.

  • Pangenes in GCV: The Genome Context Viewer has been linked to Arachis pangenes. The custom GCV instance. Clicking on the pangene takes to a link to the pangene report page in ArachisMine where all members are listed. Please note that the pangene view includes the NCBI annotation and helps lookup from the Genbank id to the corresponding annotations in other versions.