(April 2023) New genomes at PeanutBase DataStore(Bailey, Tifrunner, Pangenes).

We now have new genomic data available for Arachis pangene set, Bailey II and Tifrunner genome2.

Arachis pangene set: Pangene set for Arachis species, based on A. hypogaea, A. duranensis, and A. ipaensis. This pangene set includes five annotation sets from A. hypogaea and one each from A. duranensis and A. ipaensis. More details and data at Data Store Arachis.pan1.4LN9.

Bailey II genome: Arachis hypogaea accession Bailey II, genome assembly 1. More details for BaileyII.gnm1.1JTF.

Tifrunner genome2: Genome assembly 2 for Arachis hypogaea, cultivar Tifrunner(Tifrunner.gnm2.J5K5). This version has structural changes relative to assembly 1.