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Genotype data

Peanut Core Collection Genotype Phenotype Project: Characterizing The USDA Peanut Core Collection Through Genotype And Phenotype Information.

Genotype data for peanut (African Breeding Lines and U.S. Mini-core). See instructions for filtering data and managing outputs.

Genotype Comparison using GCViT: Compare genotypes using the diversity data from aradu1_araip1.gnm1.div.Otyama_Kulkarni_2020.sub10k.vcf.
GCViT (Genotype Comparison Visualization Tool) is for whole genome visualization of resequencing or SNP array data. This tool allows a user to compare two or more accessions and visually identify regions of similarity and difference across the genome. It is capable of multiple chromosome visualisation for the comparison of multiple accessions from a single dataset. It extracts information from VCF file and does a parallel comparison between two or more lines within that VCF file plotting the location of these differences on the chromosome for visualization. One can, for example, plot the differences between progeny and its parents to identify which regions are inherited from which parents. (More information and a video tutorial about GCViT is at GitHub and SoyBase)

Phenotype data

Explore the peanut mini core phenotype data.

Pedigree chart

Interactive pedigree chart from Use of Plant Introductions in Peanut Cultivar Development, 2001. T.G. Isleib, C.C. Holbrook, D.W. Gorbet.

Geographic Distribution of Arachis Germplasm

Locate germplasm accessions for Arachis species on an interactive map.
The Arachis germplasm accessions can be located on a map using a Geographical Information System (GIS) utility. You can search the distribution of germplasm accessions in a given geographic area, can map multiple species or restrict it to a single legume taxon, look at the accession details and evaluation data if available, and overlay trait evaluation data on the map.

Arachis Germplasm Image Collection

Contributor: Noelle Anglin, USDA-ARS, Griffin, Georgia (now at International Potato Center (CIP) - CGIAR).
Video about project

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