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Gene Expression Resources for Arachis at PeanutBase and elsewhere

External Resources for Arachis

  • Pollination/Crossing technique in peanut: A video tutorial by Shyam Tallury, Ph.D. (Peanut Breeder, Advanced Plant Technology, Clemson Pee Dee Research & Education Center)
  • A page of cytology resources for Arachis: C values in various Arachis species, links to karyotype, cytological markers, FISH markers, etc.
  • PINS: Peanut Information Network System
  • IBP: Integrated Breeding Platform, for Peanut
  • Plant Reactome: Gramene Plant Reactome for peanut species Arachis duranensis
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Selected genetic and genomic resources for peanut and related legumes

Articles on the peanut genome