Expression Data

Gene Expression Resources for Arachis at PeanutBase and elsewhere

  • Gene expression resources for Arachis(at legacy PeanutBase site):
    A page of gene expression resources for Arachis microarray and high throughput sequencing data sets at NCBI GEO, Array Express and Seq Read Archive (SRA) compiled at the legacy PeanutBase site.
  • Gene expression in tissues:
    Comparison of RNA-Seq read counts from 22 Arachis hypogaea tissues against Arachis hypogaea genome. This analysis includes a table of counts of genes with differential expression from each tissue comparison. From differentially expressed genes, there are links to gene sequences, gene annotations, and views of expression in the genome browsers. This is the work of Dr. Peggy Ozias-Akins and colleagues.
  • Gene expression in nematode experiments:
    Root transcriptome data for A. duranensis and A. stenosperma infected with Meloidogyne arenaria. Reference: Guimaraes PM, et al. (2015) Root Transcriptome Analysis of Wild Peanut Reveals Candidate Genes for Nematode Resistance. PLoS ONE 10(10): e0140937. (PubMed).
  • Gene expression during drought stress:
    Comparison of RNA-Seq read counts from A. duranensis and A. stenosperma under drought treatment and control conditions. Reference: Guimaraes PM, et al. (2015) Transcriptome Profiling of Wild Arachis from Water-Limited Environments Uncovers Drought Tolerance Candidate Genes. (PubMed).
  • At ArachisMine:
    (**CURRENTLY NO EXPRESSION DATA LOADED INTO ArachisMine)Please click the EXPRESSION tab at the ArachisMine.
  • NFCore as webpage :
    NFCore output served as webpage (adf) with interactive graphics.
  • Comparative gene expression:
    Arachis gene expression in the CoNekT tool in a comparative context with other legumes.
  • The Arachis Arachis eFP Browser from BAR:
    The Arachis eFP Browser at the BAR site, Univ. of Toronto.