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  • New and improved assembly of Arachis ipaensis
    A completely new PacBio and Hi-C sequence and assembly of the genome of Arachis ipaensis is now available (with some usage restrictions) at the PeanutBase Data Store as a result of a collaboration between USDA, University of Georgia and Hudson Alpha. Arachis ipaensis is the B subgenome donor of cultivated peanut (A. hypogaea) and its wild counterpart A. monticola. This remarkable accession, K 30076, is the only collection of this species ever made. Its location, far from that of other B genome Arachis species, is incompatible with natural dispersal, indicating past transport by humans. Its extraordinarily high DNA identity with peanut’s B subgenome and location, close to Villa Montes in Bolivia where the landraces of peanut that combine the most primitive, or wild-like, characteristics are grown indicate that it is descended from the very same population that gave rise to the tetraploid species.
  • Peanut comparative expression data with other legumes
    The peanut expression atlas data (Clevenger, et al. 2016) after remapping the reads to gnm2.ann1 is now in the CoNekT tool where the expression patterns can be compared with their orthologs in other legumes at LIS.
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