Marker Overview
Marker TypeSNP
OrganismArachis spp. (multiple peanut species)
Source DescriptionGenomic DNA
Genetic Map(s)
TT_Huayu28_x_P76_a [CMap] linkage group: TT_Huayu28_x_P76_a-B05 [CMap]
Publication(s)Primary: Hu, Zhang et al., 2018a
CommentsThis SNP marker was discovered with an Arachis hypogaea 'Huayu28'_x_'P76' population of 146 F2:11 RILs genotyped by using a SLAF-seq (Specific Length Amplified Fragment Sequencing) methodology. Hu, Zhang et al. (2018a) first developed 433,679 high-quality SLAFs and then discovered that 29,075 of these SNP markers were polymorphic. There were 7,949 polymorphic markers that followed an aa_x_bb segregation pattern appropriate for linkage analysis, and ultimately the number of SNPs actually included in the genetic map TT_Huayu28_x_P76_a was 2,266. The genetic material used for marker development was total genomic DNA extracted from young leaves of parents and progeny.
Marker Positions
Physical position(s)physical position unknown
Map Position(s)
map: TT_Huayu28_x_P76_alinkage group: TT_Huayu28_x_P76_a-B05position: 37.375cM [CMap]